Reseller app for clothes in india

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Reseller app for clothes in india

ZyMi is the best reselling app like meesho that gives you an opportunity to create your online store freely. This is another website which offers you a option to start your own online business but no even single penny is required for Investment. This Reselling Platform is same as both upper listed. GlowRoad is best reselling app in india which offers you the same features where you can easily join by putting your mobile number on SignUp page. Download GlowRoad App. Download Shop App.

Download WeMore App. Indian Women can use this app for make money from home because this app app has more suppliers for woman products like Selfie kurtis, Jaipuri bedsheets, Pom pom Sarees, Surat Sarees, Silk Sarees, beauty products, Home decor, jewellery, etc.

Very lowest price than other apps you can get any product on minimum to minimum price. Shogee is also a new online reseller app for those Indian women who wants to sell best quality branded fabric products at very low prices another good thing about this app is here you can get weekly payments.

reseller app for clothes in india

Download Shogee App. Retailers and Resellers can set their own margin for high profit on sells.

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Download Wishbook App. Download ResellMe App. Selltm is branded products reselling app that is known for daily payouts and another benefit of using Selltm is Handbags, Bangles, Eye Liner, and many other women products available in their products list and that makes it best reselling app for jewellery in india so this is another reason to try if if you are finding any artificial jewellery reseller app.

Download Selltm App. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Skip to content. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Download ZyMi App. Download Cartlay App.There are many items you think your house is cluttered with and it is time to sell.

It might be a pile of clothes you no longer wear or a bicycle now too small for your grownup kid, or a piece of furniture you want to resell and buy a new one. These items that are no longer of value to you may be a treasure to many people out there. The best way to make money out of those unusable junks is to list them on a marketplace app using just a few simple clicks.

There are many user-friendly reseller mobile apps in the market that help you sell secondhand goods and make some money. All you need to do is to take a clear photo of the item and upload them inside the app. Here is the list of 15 best reseller apps you can consider to buy and sell used items:. Letgo is literally your life saver app probably because of the utmost convenience experienced by users while listing and selling used items. As claimed in their creative TV commercial, Letgo does feel like a savior as you can just snap a picture of the item and list it in no time.

Buyers can view your listing in the app as well as on its desktop website. Letgo also supports its users living in rural area based on city zip code. Buyers can enter the zip code and Letgo will populate the list of products nearest to them.

Decluttr is a reseller app that helps you to sell a product if you have preserved it in good condition. It just takes a few minutes to sell the unwanted items for which you receive payment the next day. Users can scan the barcode of an item to receive a price quote from the app, after which Decluttr sends a printable prepaid shipping label for shipping the box.

Poshmark is the reseller app for selling clothes.

reseller app for clothes in india

It allows you to freely list both adult and children clothing. Much like Decluttr, Poshmark also sends you a free prepaid shipping label when the sale is confirmed. Poshmark app has closet where you can upload a few pictures of the item in real time. Buyers have freedom to explore your entire closet, which is a unique element of the app. So when shoppers come looking for a specific brand, they also get to sneak into other listings in your closet.

Apart from usual reselling services offered by similar apps, OfferUp also rewards sellers who repeatedly offer good customer experiences. In this reseller app, buyer and seller can leave feedback for done deals.

To ensure more security with genuine identity, users can also link their Facebook account. You can make a watch list, use the in-app chat to talk to sellers and make a counteroffer. OfferUp deserves to be compared with eBay for its service quality and authenticity. But not necessarily as buyers can be from any part of the world or far side of the country. Even local businesses also list on eBay to boost their sales and sometimes offer free delivery.

Close5 is another simple and convincing option for selling old items especially when you live in an urban location.

Close5 does not work well for rural areas. Although eBay, Letgo and Facebook are a few great options, you can still look to Close5 to see what nearby sellers are listing here since this reseller app offers rich local listing. It allows you to list just about anything ranging from furniture, home improvement kit, antiques, auto parts, etc. Mercari encompasses a wide variety of products and is considered as a flea market app. You can sell and buy used or new handmade items, video games, antiques and collectibles, DVDs, beauty products and clothes and more.

Originally launched in Japan as a mobile shop, Mercari was first introduced in U. Sellers put snaps of the items along with description of price, brand and condition and shipping cost. Sellers can choose whether they will pay for the shipping or make buyers pay for it.

Facebook has all the leverage of being a most successful social media platform, which means selling stuff on Facebook is enormously profitable. Facebook lists several groups in your locality or you can search by specific city or county group.My OH has been complaining off late that I spend too much time on my smart phone.

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Can I help it? May be not! Apart from social networking, blogging, etc. In fact, Whatsapp has become my go-to app. If I am confused between two shoes, I ping my sister with the images to get her opinion. Many a times I have a quick chat with my mum regarding what will look better on me.

If I should wear a pink or a deep red lipstick with gold brocades saree. After a few downloads and testing, I could list these:. Trendabl Social Networking for fashionistas : It is like Instagram and Facebook for the fashion freaks who would love to network with other fashionistas around the world.

Upload a photo, filter it and tag it to allow users to browse photos by categories such as skirts, swimwear, or shoes.

The Womens Store shopping app organizer and memory saver : A fashionista always wants to get the best deals on the most trending clothes and accessories and for that she needs to visit various online stores.

But downloading each and every app of these online stores is plain cumbersome and will consume your mobile data and storage space. That is when you can download The Womens Store.

This app is your shopping app organizer. Rather than downloading each and every app of your favourite store and cluttering your mobile top, you can simply download this one and then visit various stores as and when required. Apart from shopping; it also lists sites for food, travel, jewellery, books, etc.

You can also get some fashion inspiration from these sites. And in case, you thought that you will miss out on the deal alerts, then this app also lists promotional emails where you can keep a tab on the sales and promotions happening across these sites. Styledotme Network, create timed polls : Meghna Saraogi is the founder of this app, who like us was always confused while shopping.

You can upload images of two products and create an instant poll. The poll can be further enhanced with a timer Like I need advice in the next five minutes and then your friends can quickly give their vote. You can also add image-enhancing filters to your photos and share your posts with your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

You can follow your friends, favorite celebrities, brands and bloggers on this app. I checked this app which is relatively new. Not much feeds from other users available. The real fun will begin only once your set of friends create an account on this app and start using it regularly. You can get street style, celebrity style and other popular feeds right into your smart phone. Unfortunately, not many Indian magazines feeds are available with this app. Yet, the interface is beautiful, user-friendly and easy to read.This is said to be an alternative to OLX.

Koovs is an application that serves as an online fashion store where fashionistas can score trendy clothes, shoes, tees, jeans, bags, dresses, and even accessories like watches and more. Resellers are also welcome!

The Indian retail industry has emerged as one of the most dynamic and fast-paced industries. By the yearthe total consumption expenditure of the country is expected to reach nearly 3.

But what makes the retail industry in India more interesting is how it caters to consumer's specific taste. Indian retailers design their shopping experience to match how customers want to buy. To put it simply, personalization is part of India's retail DNA. India employs a web-first and mobile-first mindset. This is crucial to their success as a global retail innovator.

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What makes personalization more important is India's population. India has a population of over 1. Specific regions in their country have specific tastes on specific products. This is expected for a country with diverse cultures and a large number. That is why personalization plays a very important role in retailing for the country. On another level, Indians also engage heavily in reselling as part of their country's retail activity. One can find the best reseller apps in India to find specific needs online.

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In such a large country, reselling can be a good thing. People can find their needs without engaging in the traditional buy-and-sell retail process. India is just one example of countries emerging as an economic powerhouse on the planet. Their innovation in the retailing industry gives as one explanation on why this is the case.

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Lists What are the best reselling apps in India? Join Now. This is a good solution Get it now. Keep Binging Keep Binging. This is a good solution 9.

This is a good solution 8. Amazon is an online retail company considered to be one of the largest in the world. It was created for users looking to find electronics, computers, software, apparel and accessories, books, music, DVDs, t ools and hardware, and much more. This is a good solution 4. Snapdeal is one of the fastest online shopping marketplaces in India offering over 35 million products from a wide range of categories: books, electronics, music, DVDs, videos, computers, software, fashion, shoes, and much more.

This is a good solution 2. This is a good solution 1.Be your own boss with MilMila Reseller. Welcome to entrepreneur's lounge with MilMila's reseller program. Start earning with zero investment.

reseller app for clothes in india

Our reseller program gives you the confidence of financial freedom. Hence you will be your own boss. Our Resellers are from various regions of India. Our goal is "Every Reseller should earn Min. Make your dream come true with financial freedom you can earn from MilMila Reseller.

There is no limit in earning get unlimited earnings today. Add extra income to you wallet Today. I am reselling with MilMila for last 4 months. Really appreciate the reward program Milmila has. Thanks MilMila team. I am reselling part time and earning to extra per month. I think, this is really a goo platform where I can earn more. Assure your fixed income as MFR. Limited availability. Become a Supplier Help.

Contact Become a Seller Online Chat. How to Earn on Milmila? How to Earn More on Milmila? How to place an order on Milmila? How to withdraw MM cash in Milmila? Special features of Milmila? Why prepaid order is better for Resellers? Tips to earn more through Milmila? Unlimited Earnings Earn unlimited per month. Live your life to the fullest. Dropshipping Facility you can sell the product without investment. All Rights Received.In this busy world, Smart people prefer online shopping on their smart-devices instead of going out in the market.

Online shopping made life very easy and online shopping apps are the best way to shop at any time and anywhere. There are so many online shopping apps available that give better, easy and safe shopping experience on some popular online retailers.

There is one more benefit of online shopping. Online retailers give coupons and offer so that customers get their products at the best price. Here is the list of best online shopping apps for Android and iOS devices to help you shop online. We made the categories of online shopping apps so that you can select the best shopping app for online shopping as per your needs. Here are the best online shopping apps you can use for a good shopping experience. We have added apps to shop for everything online.

How To Resell Branded Products In India l Branded Item Reselling Application l We Make Reseller

Have a look at the list. It has over 17 Crore original products that too at great prices. It has almost every product that you can think to buy. Amazon also has its grocery app named Amazon Now. It is the most popular online shopping website in India which sells almost every product online at a reasonable price. Flipkart Android and iOS app allow customers to search and shop items online. They can either pay online or choose cash on delivery.

All products come with an official warranty. Snapdeal is a one-stop destination for quick, effortless and secures mobile shopping. You can buy anything from this shopping app like electronics, gadgets, clothes, jewelry, home kitchen essentials and lot more. Download Snapdeal: Android iOS. Paytmmall gets popular because of its cashback strategy.

It deals in almost every area from Mobiles to Fashion, from home kitchen to fitness and more. You can buy any products here and get cash back on almost every product. The cashback strategy makes it one of the best shopping apps. Myntra is the best online clothing app and website in India. I personally using this ap for more than 4 years and hardly found any issues in clothes or in their services.

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Very fast delivery, amazing collections and quality and good customer assistance, what else do you need on buying clothes online. Well, no other online shopping app beats Myntra but Jabong gives the best competition to it.

The StalkBuyLove is an easy-to-use fashion shopping app where you can shop for chic yet affordable, fresh, and exclusive styles. You can buy any kind of lingerie, activewear, nightwear here at a good price. I have been using this website for 2 years and I am loving it. This shopping app also has easy return policies.

Now, no need to go for that embarrassing lingerie shopping.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. Earn commission and profit margin on every order, and weekly cash bonus rewards on meeting sales targets.

Yes, earning money online with a part time work from home based job with Meesho App is that simple. We are 1 Reselling App in India, trusted by more than 1 Crore Resellers doing online jobs from home and earning money with Meesho.

Meesho App is used by women entrepreneurs, housewives, college students, shop and boutique owners, beauticians, wholesale traders, or anyone looking for part time job and work from home based jobs. We are the best zero investment app for women looking to part time work from home.

Earning cash commission, profit margin, and weekly cash bonus rewards has never been so easy. Browse our popular wholesale products e. Also, get regular notifications about new products e. Earn: Once you get an order request, collect payment from your customer and place an order on their behalf on Meesho App after adding your commission.

25 Best Shopping Apps in India for Good Online Shopping Experience – 2020

Part time work from home based jobs with Meesho App are that easy! We deposit your commission into your bank account once the products are delivered to your customer. Besides, earn weekly cash bonus rewards by placing more orders. The suppliers get paid only after you receive your product. Your customer contacts remain safe with us as we never reveal our name to your customer.

Start your part time work from home based job today! Reviews Review Policy. Introducing Personalised Social Profile for Resellers! Stay Home, Stay Safe! View details. Flag as inappropriate.

reseller app for clothes in india

Visit website. See more. Alibaba Mobile. Your booking app for hotels, vacation rentals and budget hotels on the go. Amazon Seller.


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