1940s dinner menu

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1940s dinner menu

During times of uncertainty and disruption, frugal, storable ingredients to make simple, nutritional recipes come into their own. I hope the wartime recipes I have recreated will help people to feed themselves and their families…. The most recent re-created recipes are at the bottom of the page and those I started re-creating back in are at the top!

Recipe 1. Wartime Loaf. Recipe 2. Wartime Dripping. Recipe 3. Meaty Gravy. Recipe 4. Bread Pudding. Recipe 5. Corned Beef Fritters. Recipe 6. Eggless Sponge Gone Wrong. Recipe 7. Salad Dressing for immediate use.

Recipe 8. Wartime Vegetable Turnovers. Recipe 9. Wartime Scotch Shortbread. Recipe The Oslo Meal. Curried Carrots. Recipe Pancakes 5 dishes from 1 recipe. Recipe Wartime Cauliflower Cheese with Bacon. Recipe Pear Crumble. Recipe Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam.

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Recipe Rock buns. Recipe Mock cream recipe 1.

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Recipe Spam Hash. Recipe Wartime Pumpkin Soup. Recipe Bread stuffing balls. Recipe Apple crumble. Recipe Lord Woolton Pie. Recipe Cheese Whirls. Recipe Glory Buns. Recipe Cheese and Potato Dumplings. Recipe Cream of Parsnip Soup. Recipe Carrot and Potato Mash.Ireland Grill opened in and had a colorful client list. But the co-founders of Cool Culinariawhich finds and sells prints of vintage menus, remember it for a different reason: its menu design.

As colorful as its past, the best-selling menu uses bright colors to convey the fresh and vibrant ingredients to be found inside. Menus from across the country featured fantastical fare with an artistry that often goes unrecognized, according to Cool Culinaria co-founder Eugen Beer.

Beer firmly believes that the menus they deal with are museum-worthy works of art and will even call in art restorers to handle some of the more delicate cleanup jobs. But reading the insides can be just as much fun as looking at the artful covers. From the Blackhawk! The Hotel New Yorker struck a serious tone with its menu designs.

1940s dinner menu

Sadly the room establishment was torn down during a s redevelopment project. Beer calls the menu design an incredibly witty ode to American agriculture. But McMahon likes the tiny ships of imported goods, too, including bananas and coffee. Today, Moscow, Pennsylvania has a population of roughly 2, Let friendship reign—be just and kind and evil speak of none.

Out on the West Coast, things were even more fantastical. Opened in by Sicilian immigrants, the restaurant was run by the same family over four generations before closing in By the s, coffee shops became just as cool a place to be seen as any hip nightclub.

Continue or Give a Gift. Privacy Terms of Use Sign up. SmartNews History. History Archaeology. World History. Science Age of Humans. Future of Space Exploration. Human Behavior. Our Planet. Earth Optimism Summit.When a man went into the forces he was paid the regular forces pay.

If he was married, his wife would get a Married Women's Allowance plus a small amount for each child. This was sent to her directly. Gastronomic delights were not possible because so many ingredients were unavailable or in short supply.

It was three meals a day. There was no extra food for snacks between meals. Women needed to be creative with what few ingredients they could get hold of and good managers at creative ways to use up left-overs. I understand that the Government helped by publishing recipes recipes from available ingredients, designed to fill the family up. However, as a child growing up at the time, I never saw any of them.

I suspect they were of most value for large families, as my mother often complained that it was easier for them as they could use what she described as "one thing in with another". While my father was in the army, we were a family of three - my mother, my grandmother and me. If you can add anything to this page or provide a photo, I would be pleased to hear from you.

I never heard anyone talking about money at the time, but I suspect that it was short during the war - not that there was much to spend it on anyway, apart from having enough to eat. During the war, women without young children and below the age of retirement took the men's places, and women were never paid as much as men, even for the same job. My father's pre-war job was kept open for him during the war, and he went back to it when he was demobilised - 'debobbed' as it was called.

I assume that forces pay in war-time was not as much as what most men earned in what was called 'in civvy street '. Married woman's allowance in World War Two When a man went into the forces he was paid the regular forces pay. Peter Johnson. Anne Jameson. Pat Cryer, webmaster.Way ahead, as in July or August.

The club — its name suggestive of Paris — seated patrons. Packing the house for two or three shows nightly meant that every travel agency in America had the LQ on its list, as did every convention planner.

The most ordered dinners were favorites of the time. Obviously, patrons were not there for the food, but for the show with lightly clad women. In the mids roast beef was tops. Then, somewhat surprisingly, came turkey, then steak. In addition to the nearly nude performers and big name bands and comedy acts, the LQ threw in some trick performances such as a waiter who unexpectedly squirted guests with water and a drunk photographer who would stumble onto the stage taking pictures of performers and creating a noisy ruckus.

He was so convincing that guests and sometimes even waiters would try to shush him or have him arrested. The building went through various identities after that, as a porn theater, a disco, and a hip-hop club.

Leave a comment. Filed under alternative restaurantsnight clubspatrons. On the menu shown here a bowl of lobster stew cost 70 cents and came with crackers, pickles, and chips.

Oyster stew was 50 cents, while fried clams with french fries, cole slaw, and coffee cost 60 cents. The menu is undated but is probably from the s. And, of course, they threw in pickles and chips.

On Saturday nights the White Rabbit offered a traditional Massachusetts dinner of baked beans for 50 cents. The tea room got its start inin West Chatham on the Cape, about 37 miles from the Buzzards Bay location which became its long-term home.

Prior to its beginning, owner Nate Nickerson was a taxi driver in Brockton MA, where co-owner Mildred Ring may have worked as a waitress. Inthe final year in which I found advertisements for it, the White Rabbit had evidently abandoned the tea room theme.

It then featured liquor and steaks. A few years ago I received a nice surprise when a stranger sent me this bowl by Syracuse china used in the tea room. Filed under foodmenuspopular restaurantsroadside restaurantstea shops.

A red-and-white-striped restaurant named the Christmas Tree Inn located on a desolate stretch of road in the Arizona desert makes a little bit more sense when you learn that its creators were Los Angeles real estate developers. The Christmas theme was, of course, a publicity gimmick, and one that worked rather well, at least at the beginning. It was intended to kick off an associated project, a housing development called Santa Claus Acres on the road leading to the newly completed Boulder Dam renamed Hoover Dam in The Talbotts had moved from Los Angeles to Kingman AZ in the early s with an interest in developing tourist facilities.

Highway 66which went through Kingman. I could not determine whether any were built.One of Kitty's dream jobs is to be a party planner. She finds joy in planning parties for children and adults alike! Emerging out of the Great Depression and dealing with the Second World War, Americans living in the s had a difficult time.

That being said, we still knew how to party! The parties were wild because Americans were so tired of working hard and dealing with problems; they needed to let loose. In addition to the amazingly fun parties, people of this decade knew how to act and how to dress. Many women and men today find themselves trying to mimic that same style and simplicity.

Another 1950's Meal Like My Mother Made

If you're throwing a s-themed party, you've come to the right place. Let's talk about the decorations, costumes, and food that you can use for a rockin' good time!

Plan Your Meals Like a 1940’s Homemaker

One extremely fun and easy theme is the vintage Hawaiian luau theme. In the s, the Second World War was either occurring or had just occurred, and many men were stationed in Hawaii for military duty. This could be really racy and fun, especially for a party that might have more singles than couples. Men in uniform and ladies in sexy vintage hairstyles and lingerie Posters of pin-up girls and items representing the military are perfect for this themed party.

Now comes the really fun part. Both ladies and gentlemen will have a good time picking out their costumes. In the s, women were very feminine and guys were dapper. They both dressed to the nines whenever they went out, including accessorizing to match their outfits. You might already have your costume pieces in your closet, depending on what look you want to go for. The best way to create your s menu is to use vintage cookbooks from the decade.

You can purchase these online or at thrift stores. My suggestion is to keep the menu light by serving appetizers and cocktails rather than planning and cooking an entire meal. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account.

A very interesting and useful article, especially the menu part.The idea came from our friend, and evil genius, who gets a lot of fun and crazy ideas. He even gave everyone names for the night. We gave our house a festive feel, hanging up some mini white Christmas lights and some paper lanterns.

1940s dinner menu

To drink, we had bottles of sparkling cider and a non-alcoholic sangria like this recipe from Epicuriousbut with strawberries instead of cranberries. We followed up the bread and cheese with a simple creamy tomato soupsprinkled with a bit of fresh basil. The filling is made by layering gruyere cheese, with cooked bacon, and sauteed onion in the crust, then pouring a beaten egg and cream mixture over the fillings and baking the quiche.

So easy, but so delicious. After finishing the main course, we moved into the family room to watch the movie Casablanca. You can find the recipe on bonnappetit.

Tagged as: s theme partyCasablanca theme partydinner partydinner party ideasideas for dinner party. What a great post! What a great idea and party. I am rather inspired to try something like this myself now.

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Thank you! Very cool article! Any suggestions on where I should start looking for information? LOVE it! Eveyrone looks so chic and sassy! What a wonderful party and menu. Oh my gosh, I love love love theme parties!!! No one I know ever throws them!

And I love Casablanca! I love the vintage look of the photos. So, when is the next party?

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What a genius idea for a dinner party.If you have a fondue pot in your cupboard or a pasta maker gathering dust in your garage, you know firsthand that food prep is vulnerable to the whims of fashion. We may be getting our recipes off the Internet these days, but in wanting to try the newest gadget or cooking process, we aren't that different from our grandmothers.

Today it may be goat cheese and marinated figs, but whatever the latest food fad happens to be, in a couple of decades it will become a culinary footnote in the cultural summary of the times. To get a good take on s party foods, you have to explore the trends. They may seem tame today, but back then, they were oh-so chichi. Think of them as the food superstars that could make or break a host's reputation:.

1940s dinner menu

Using the right ingredients was important, too: A lavish shrimp cocktail appetizer like our Pineapple-Ginger Shrimp Cocktailcarried as much cache in the s as it does today. Including ingredients like lobster, squab, oysters, tongue, crab, fruit punch, prunes, peaches, pineapple, honeydew melon and orange marmalade in the menu helped gentrify the meal and add that touch of elegant refinement that was so important.

A s dinner party menu would probably also have included dishes that mirrored what Hollywood considered sophisticated European taste with items like scones, crumpets, cucumber or watercress sandwiches, salmon croquettes, trifles, tortes and meringues. A smart hostess could also show her sophistication by serving big city menu items like Waldorf salad or curried lamb.

Now that you understand a little about the food, let's explore some ways to make your s-era party look and sound as good as it tastes. See how many of these colorful s slang terms you know: the big house prisonhooch whiskeysweet patootie a pretty girllettuce moneycopper policemankeen goodshake a leg hurryslip me five shake handsscram leavesnipe a cigarettesquat nothing.

Dinner Party Invitations.

How to Cook a Typical Meal From the 1940s

Prev NEXT. Popular s Dinner Party Foods. Think of them as the food superstars that could make or break a host's reputation: Devil it - Think deviled eggs, deviled ham or ham salad and deviled chicken, and you've got the general idea.

Grind it up, mix it with mayo and serve it on a cracker or piped into the hollow of a hard cooked egg and you have elegant finger food. Our Spicy Deviled Eggs are a great place to start. Give it some jiggle - That kid-friendly gelatin mold in your pantry was once so fashionable no s food fest would have been complete without it.

You had to have an ice box or refrigerator to make a gelatin mold, which made it a dish that required modern technology. Gelatin molds also sported ritzy ingredients like mayonnaise, nuts and tropical or seasonal fruits. Our Cranberry-Apple Gelatin Salad is a good representative example. If you were really on the cutting edge of food fashion, you might have served aspic -- a savory gelatin mold using ingredients like tomato juice, cream, salmon, crab or minced chicken.

Aspics were served cold like the fruity molds you're used to, so they were often warm weather or light afternoon fare. Make it into a ring - If you've discovered how easy it is to slice and serve Bundt cake, you can see why placing food in a ring was considered convenient and attractive.


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